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I Got To It Today


Ok, I know I haven’t posted on this like I was going to try and do but I have been working Saturdays and Sundays @ work. The checks look good but the money doesn’t last very long. Working on Sundays means that I miss church too. I think that my hubby feels like it is hard for him to go without me so then we are neither one at church.

I didn’t get the group leader job that I wanted but that is okay because it just must not been in God’s plan yet. I still have the quality job if I want it. I am the next out of the last group to take the test to go. Who knows when that will be.

Well tomorrow is Saturday and as you know… I gotta work! The big man at work said we are on OT until March 10th. Blah! That is life tho. Speaking of…My mom always told me that “Life just isn’t fair!” You know? I never understood that until I was an adult. Now guess what? I say that to my kids! 🙄


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I was just complaining that they didn’t have a pink theme on wordpress for my blog. I decided to look at them again because I wasn’t happy and walla………PINK! I love it!

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Better Day


I woke up this morning thinking….”Man I hope this is a better day!” So far….it has been ok. Hubby is fixing the garage door but my car can’t be fixed until we get some new mounting backets for the front of it. Until then, I will just have to drive the Montero naked! Ooops! That sounded bad. I won’t be naked (cause Lord knows NO ONE wants to see that) but my car will be naked without its brush guard. The good thing is…no one will know who I am cause everyone is so used to the guard being on there.


We are going on OT next week at work. Well I was on OT this week but the whole plant is on OT next week and Saturday! YUCK! I guess if I am planning on being a group leader then I better get used to the OT. You think? We are still waiting on the verdict for that because my supervisor got sick and she has to send in her recommendation and she didn’t get to do that before she got sick. Until then I will have to be patient and wait.

 Well I better go for now. Gotta fix lunch for these growing boys of mine.



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Rough Day


I have had a very rough day. Work sucked! I wrecked my car. How did you wreck your car, you say? I hit my garage. Jerked the whole brush guard off my car. It is hanging off and I can’t park in the garage. I think my husband may take my license away. He always says that women are bad drivers and well, today..I proved that!

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Can We Go Back?


Well, Life is crazy for us right now. I have been working like crazy at work. I worked all last weekend and I am no on my 11th day straight. Sometimes I feel like there is now down time in life. You know when I was a kid, all I wanted to do is grow up. Now that I am an adult……………Oh how I wish I could go back……no bills or anything like that to worry about. Kids don’t realize how good they have it! All they care about is when they grow up they won’t have to listen to Momma and Daddy! When actually Momma and Daddy are usually right about everything they said! Oh how I wish I could go back. 

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Let’s Just See How This Goes!


Ok, I am going to give this blogging one more try! Maybe I will be able to keep up with it! We will see! Amazes me how some people can keep up with something like this and I can’t seem to keep up with it. Maybe it is the two boys that I chase around all the time? Maybe it’s the house I have to keep clean? I don’t know, but I’m gonna try again and we will see how it goes! It is late tonight so I will look @ this more tomorrow.

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